Investing for Children
in Melbourne, Australia

It is the dream of every parent to give their child or children the best future, even if it means going the extra mile for them. Investing in your child’s future is a good idea, but where the problem lies is figuring out the best way to affect your plan. Not to worry, with our financial planning services, you can secure the best future for your children. You can help your kids have a good start in life ahead of their peers, and you can achieve that by working with us.

Why choose our financial planning service to help you with retirement?

Planning for your children’s future doesn’t mean you should neglect your financial health or well-being. We can help to:

Set financial goals for your family

When you work with us, we don’t just focus on making investment plans for your children; we help to set financial goals for the family. This way, there will be a defined budget and allocation of the family finances.

Create a flexible family budget

As your family grows and your needs begin to increase, your family may not be able to thrive on a strict budget. We can help to create a budget for your family that can be easily changed as your needs grow.

Build your wealth

We provide ideas and ways by which you can build more wealth for your family. More wealth in the family means more investment for the children.

Other families that prefer to work on their own won’t have access to this opportunity that helps to facilitate the whole process. That’s why it’s best to employ our financial service in your quest to invest in your children.

The benefit of working with children's investment financial planners in Melbourne, Australia

Education Cover

The cost of quality education is high everywhere, including Melbourne, Australia. Hence the best way to cover the cost of education is to choose the best plan for your children's investment. With our help and advice, you can plan and invest in the best child investment plan that covers their education in the future. One you have a plan in place you can then live peacefully without worrying about future education costs.

Health Cover

It is the dream of every parent that their kid lives in good health and has access to quality medical care. On your own, you may not be able to identify the best child plan that would cover financial burden in an illness. But with our services, you can access an Insurance or investment plan that could covers cost in an unfortunate event. If your family has a history of specific illnesses or health conditions, it's only fitting that you invest in a plan for your child, to provide the best financial support and you can achieve this with our help.

Personalized Services

We know that raising a family is already hard enough, but do you know that you make the most expenses in later years when your kids are in high school and college? You spend more money trying to find their tertiary education, get them their first car, or secure their first house. All these expenses are most needed when your children don't have the financial capacity yet. But what if you can make your kids financially stable when they get to that stage right now? You can always approach our financial planners today to create a plan to secure a financially stable future for your kids.

Help Save for Future Goals

Children's future needs can cost you more than you think. Before you conclude on the best child plan, you should first analyze your current and future expenses. You can then save to meet future commitments in your children's future expenses like their education, first car or first home. Our financial planning service in Melbourne, Australia, can help create the best saving plan to tick all the boxes. It may not seem easy to invest in your children and still have savings for your own future, but with our help, the whole process becomes more accessible.

We are dedicated to provide timely service and quality whilst adapting with the times to offer our clients innovative solutions.

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SSCPA Ltd Corporate Authorised Representative of The Complete Planner Pty Ltd ABN XXXXXX Australian Financial Services Licence No. XXXXX