Superannuation Advice Service
in Melbourne, Australia

For us to help you achieve all your plans, we need to have an understanding of you, your goals, needs, and values. By getting first-hand knowledge of who you are, we can provide the best advice that suits you. Our expert advisers can help you create a financial plan and investment strategy to achieve your current goals. Whether saving up for your children’s education, retirement planning, or investment advice, we’ve got you covered.

Why choose our Superannuation Service in Melbourne, Australia?

Personalized Approach

Before we provide superannuation advice, we first take the time to properly know who you are, your income, your goals, and everything you hope to achieve before we provide our advice.

We have different clients, so we understand that what works for Client A may not work for client B. We patiently get to know our clients without rushing them through the process. We ensure that we have their full cooperation before we give our advice.


One primary reason why you should work with us is our transparency. We try to be as transparent as possible to ensure that our clients understand everything at stake when planning their superannuation. We also ensure they’re aware of the cost of our services from the get-go. We only provide top-notch superannuation advice, and our prices are affordable.


To build a secure future, you must be intentional about where you want to be and make conscious plans for getting there. It would help if you understood that the future is tomorrow, but it starts now, which means that the earlier you start preparing for your future, the better.

Our wide range of services and advice assures you that all your financial advice, asset management, and insurance needs are being taken care of by experts who view your financial situation holistically to understand your goals and objectives better. We are here for the management and protection of your wealth.

The benefit of working with our superannuation advice services

Investment Advice

We can provide you with the best investment advice. With our experience, we know the best safe investment platforms with less risk. With these investment platforms, you can boost your revenue and save for your superannuation. We'll develop an investment plan that can help you achieve the goals you've made for the future.

Planning the best ways to use your Super for Retirement

After retirement, what do you do with your superannuation money? We can help you plan out ways to use your superannuation money properly. Do you want to go on trips or get a property in the countryside? We can provide advice on the best way to spend your money so that the years of saving for superannuation don't go to waste.

Personal risk insurance

As part of our superannuation advice services, we can help you be prepared for life's unexpected events by offering risk insurance advice. Without this insurance, your superannuation can be affected, and we don't desire that for our clients. We provide top-notch financial services to ensure that you have a stable economic life and you can make feasible financial plans.

Comprehensive overall financial advice

We provide financial advice that doesn't center only on superannuation. Our financial advice includes how to manage your income, make investments, boost your income and reduce debt. We're your go-to service for your financial planning needs as superannuation advice. We provide quality advice with the help of our expert team. You cannot go wrong with your superannuation when you partner with our services.

We are dedicated to provide timely service and quality whilst adapting with the times to offer our clients innovative solutions.

How to get in touch?

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SSCPA Ltd Corporate Authorised Representative of The Complete Planner Pty Ltd ABN XXXXXX Australian Financial Services Licence No. XXXXX